To do that, press the Windows key and Print Screen key on your keyboard at the same time. You will see the screen dim momentarily and brighten back up, which signifies a successful screen capture. This will automatically save the image in the “Screenshots” folder inside the “Pictures” folder on your computer.

You will have more VRAM to work with, which is particularly important now that there are high-resolution textures in many games. It would help if you easily unplugged the secondary display while playing a game and get the best FPS possible. Remember to plug the Monitor back in until you are done with your intense gaming session. Save the settings when you are finished and close the BIOS. Trigger the iGPU, Multi-Monitor, or Integrated Graphics once you have found it.

You can change the default screenshot key by going to the Preferences section under the Steam menu. From there, find the In-Game menu and click on the box under “Screenshot shortcut keys.” Then, press the key on your keyboard you’d prefer to use, and that becomes the new shortcut. Now edit the screenshot as you like with the editing tools and features and use it as required.

Why Does Windows 11 Require Tpm 2 0?

So those are pretty much all the different ways you can determine your BIOS version. Updating your BIOS is something you should only do if needed and with great caution. A failed BIOS update can brick your entire computer and force you to spend a lot of money getting it repaired. Click on Motherboard and then you’ll see a section called BIOS that gives you the Brand, Version and Date of the BIOS. The program also gives you a lot of other system info on CPU, RAM, Storage, etc. If you’d prefer to use a third-party utility that can give you other information about your computer too, then a good option is Speccy.

Is It Possible To Share A Screen In Windows 10 Without A Tool?

You can restore your entire storage system from hardware or software problems using the same or different drive very quickly and easily. On Windows 10, you can make a backup by using a different method. Also, you can do the system restore for Windows which will help you to get back to the previous stable state if anything goes wrong. You can range files from manually copying files from internal hard drive to external storage, storing files on OneDrive or another cloud service, to using a third-party backup tool.

HyperSnapFastest and easiest way to take screen captures from Windows screen and full screen games… Check “Save a local copy of the image” and select your system folder where you want to store the image. If it is unchecked your screenshot will not store in your system. Type “Snipping tool” and click on “snipping tool”. In this article first I will discuss how to take a screenshot on Windows with Windows options.

So if you need to have your home folder on a separate partition, the manual approach is your only option. In that case, see the Creating GPT Partitions section of GPT and MBR manual disk partitioning guide for Ubuntu 15.10 for guidance on how to create partitions manually for Ubuntu 15.10. To ensure that GRUB is not installed on the EFI Boot Partition of the Windows 10 hard drive, you’ll have to disconnect the Windows 10 hard drive from the system. That means disconnecting the power and SATA cables from the hard drive. In your computer, there may be some important data in different folders including financial records, documents, videos, pictures, music files, etc. It would be a huge loss if these files or folders are lost.

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